DDR SuperNOVA 2 Location Test

So,  today I drove an hour and a half to the Brunswick Zone in Naperville for the DDR SuperNOVA 2 location test, and I thought I would tell you guys how I thought it was. The first thing I did when I got to the arcade was by an e-AMUSEMENT PASS, which is a card used for Konami arcade games in Japan to save your data such as unlocked songs. This is the first time that e-AMUSE has been used in the U.S. so I was pretty excited. When you first play SuperNOVA 2 you are asked if you have an e-AMUSEMNT PASS and when you put in you are asked for your name and the state you live in. The state that the machine is located in is automatically highlighted. Then you are asked to make up a four digit pin number which will be used everytime you put in your card. Finally you are asked if you would like to use the workout mode and if you select yes it asks for your weight. Now you are ready to begin playing. So now you’re probably wondering how the actual game is,well since I’m pretty much a noob at DDR I can’t really comment on the stepcharts since I didn’t play on anything higher than Basic, so… I’ll talk about the song selection. SuperNOVA 2 has songs from DDR Extreme, SuperNOVA and new songs. There are also songs that you can only unlock when using the e-AMUSEMENT PASS as you level up.  The new songs in Supernova 2 varied in how much I enjoyed them, I didn’t like how there was a lot of American songs, but if that’s your style than you should still enjoy the new songs. The new songs weren’t all bad however as I enjoyed many of them, but I still stuck mostly to old songs. The thing that I liked the most was the e-AMUSEMENT PASS and how it kept track of how many calories you’ve burned since you started playing and it also keeps track of your high scores and everything that you have unlocked. It really made me want to keep playing and I’m really glad that Konami decided to bring e-AMUSE to the U.S. So that’s my impression of DDR SuperNOVA 2 and hopefully you’ll get to try it out either at the location test or when it’s actually released sometime later this year in the U.S. (hopefully). The Japanese release is scheduled for late August.

Here’s the information for the location test for those of you who want to go


here are some pictures and videos from ry19.com


and finally here’s a picture of my e-AMUSEMENT PASS


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