God of War Chains of Olympus Demo (Updated with Impressions)

Update (12/2):  So, I finally got a PSP a couple of day ago and as promised I played the God of War demo and I’ll tell you what I thought of it. I know it took me a really long time and most of you probably already played it or don’t care anymore so I apologize, but I couldn’t get the PSP any sooner. When I first booted up the game the first thing I noticed were the graphics. The graphics for this game are really good for a PSP game, of course it doesn’t look as good as the PS2 God of War games, but it is pretty great for a portable game. The next thing I noticed were the controls, which are basically the same as the PS2 versions, but with the absence of a right analog stick rolls are now done by holding L and R and using the left analog stick. once you get used to that, I thought the controls were done really well. Now, for the most important part, the gameplay, it plays exactly how you would expect a God of War game to play, you almost forget you are not playing one of the PS2 games because the gameplay is still everything you would expect it to be. You get to face two bosses in the demo neither of which is very hard and the lack of any difficulty options in the demo is my biggest complaint. So, overall judging by the demo anyone who enjoyed God of War will probably enjoy this too. I never thought that God of War was the best action game out there and this demo doesn’t change that, but it is a solid game and I would reccomend it to fans of the series based on what I played so far. We’ll see how the full game shapes up when it’s released.

(11/8):Yesterday, I recieved a package in the mail with a demo for the new God of War game for PSP, but since I don’t have a PSP yet I can’t play it and therefore I can’t tell you how the game is. What I can do however, is post some pictures of the package that the demo came in because I thought it was really cool. It came with the demo, a God of War phone strap, and a coupon for $15 off of a PSP at Best Buy which I will probably be using to get a PSP sometime before the end of this month at which point I can write a review of the demo, but for now here are the pictures.






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