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No Wizard World Coverage

August 9, 2007

So, I just got back from the first day of Wizard World Chicago and I will not be returning. The main reason I went to the con was because Konami was one of the exhibitors and I was looking forward to trying out DDR SuperNova 2 CS and DDR Hottest Party. So, when I got to the con the first thing I did was, of course, look for Konami’s booth because that would be where I was going to spend the majority of my 4 days, but to my surprise when I got to the section where Konami’s booth was going to be it was occupied by 2K Games. So I went to the information booth and found out that Konami had pulled out and Wizard had not bothered to update their program guide or website with this important news so I asked for a refund and after a bit of arguing I got it because it was not my fault that I was not informed about Konami dropping out until I got onto the showfloor. One good thing did come out of my venture to Wizard World, which is that I got to play The Eye of Judement for PS3, which is a card game that uses the new camera for the PS3 called The Eye. I actually thought it was pretty fun once I kind of got the hang of what I was doing and I am considering buying it depending on the pricing.

I didn’t take very many pictures because of my anger about Konami not being there, but I did get these three…




Well since my plans for the weekend are ruined now… I’m off to think of something to do