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Intial D Arcade Stage 4 Limited

July 30, 2007

As if I wasn’t already excited enough to play Initial D 4 and hating myself for missing the location test, now I see this amazing looking Limited Version of Initial D for where you sit in a replica of a real car, and I’m tempted to fly to Japan right now to play it. I really hope an arcade around me gets this version when Initial D 4 is released in the U.S. this fall. (If any arcade does get it, it will most likely be Gameworks because they have Intial D 3 Limited and they are owned by Sega).

Well anyway here’s the pics

Initial D Arcade Stage 4 Location Test

July 28, 2007

I was planning on going to the location test for Initial D 4 tomorrow, but I just found out that the machine has been removed, so I won’t be able to give impressions on it since I can’t play it. Sorry guys.