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DDR Supernova 2 CS JP Announced

December 2, 2007

Good news for DDR fans who were disappointed with the U.S. PS2 release of DDR Supernova 2, the Japanese PS2 release of Supernova 2 has finally been announced and is set for a release date of 2/21/08. The OST for the game has also been announced and will be released on the same day. The confirmed songs so far are:

・SUNKiSS♥DROP/jun with Alison
・Freeway Shuffle/dj TAKA
・Trust -DanceDanceRevolution mix- /Tatsh feat. ヨーコ
・AIN’T NO MOUNTAIN HIGH ENOUGH /Sloth Music Project feat. Maya
・ANGELUS -アンジェラス-/島谷ひとみ
・BURN BABY BURN / Sloth Music Project Feat. Andy D.
・BEGINNING OF THE END – Klayton (Celldweller)
・ETERNUS /Sanxion 7


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