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TGS Update

September 20, 2007

Since there’s a lot of new stuff to post today, and I have to catch up on some stuff for school, I’m going to put it all into one post. So far some pretty exciting stuff has happened at TGS before the show has even officially started, so my hopes are high for the rest of the show and man do I wish I was in Tokyo right now. Now on to the updates…

EA accidentally confirms Dualshock 3

Kotaku goes hands on with the Dualshock 3

List of PS3 Games That Support Rumble.

Kax Hirai On The Future of PS3/PSP Connectivity

Metal Gear Online Trailer

Metal Gear Solid 4 Site

Metal Gear Solid 4 TGS 2007 Trailer (Warning May Contain Spoilers)

Ninja Gaiden 2 Gameplay Footage

September 16, 2007

A couple days ago I posted the teaset trailer for Ninja Gaiden 2, well now I have something better for you guys… actual gameplay footage. Here’s the link, I think it looks great and I think most of you will agree

Ninja Gaiden 2 Screenshots and Trailer

September 11, 2007

Update: The game has now officially been announced by Microsofrt at their pre-TGS press conference and a teaser trailer was shown. I have embedded the Youtube version of the teaser below, but if you want to see it in it’s full HD glory click here…

The game we have all been waiting for is finally confirmed, thanks to someone accidentally posting these screens at the Japanese Xbox website. The screens have since been taken down, but thankfully someone managed to save them before that. Click the link to see the pretty pictures…